Jun. 14th, 2010

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Gym Procrastination.

I don't want to go and I don't care who knows it.

It's remarkable the lengths my mind will go to just to keep my ass huge.  Seriously.  LiveJournal is 100x more interesting right before I head off to the gym.  You're all enablers.  Filthy, rotten, stinking enablers.  If my life was an episode of Hoarders...and I'm not saying it's not....than all of you would be the evil cousin-in-law two trailers down asking me if I had room to store your "Things Remembered" Christmas decorations. 


Except for you.  I like you.  Don't ever change.

Last night in Denim Hell I performed an exorcism on the iPhone and deleted over half of my downloaded apps.  Constantly seeing the accusatory faces on the icons of applications I never, ever used...or just plain forgot what they did...was begining to wear on me.  I wear my own guilt tattooed to the inside of my eyelids; I dont need reminders from my phone as well.

And verily I say unto thee:  A culling fell upon the land of i. 

I treasured the newfound sense of space and ease of my iPhone last night.  I truly did.  I treasured and adored it for all of 5 whole minutes.

Then I went to iTunes and began hunting for replacements.

Poking around the store I found a new Solitaire application...because I like to kick it old school...a new movie theater app, a new wi-fi finder app, a garage sale finder app (Baby how did I live this long without you?), Text-Free, and a desktop synching app called myPhoneDesktop. 

Setting up myPhoneDesktop has occupied me for the last 45 minutes.  It should have taken 5 at most to set up but again...procrastination. 

So...help me out here...what iPhone apps do you find pretty much essential to enriching your own iExperience?


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