Jul. 12th, 2010

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Today I have a decision hangover. 

Let me 'splain...

Every summer I seem to obsess about a decision; sometimes huge and sometimes large only in the hallowed halls of Legion.  In my efforts to make the RIGHT decision, I research my options to the point of obsession.  A few years ago my summer choke hold on sanity was tested by the purchase of the Jeep.  Months of combing reports, blogs, dealership and financing options culminated in my Patriot purchase.  The summer after that I had to trump myself with by buying the house.  I think I lost half a year of my life agonizing about little details and plans.  I made the entire process exhausting for myself.  Most people are happy and thrilled when they buy their first home.  I was just relieved the whole ordeal was over.  (Little did I know....)

Last year I avoided any big bang decisions by buying anything and everything I ever wanted for the house.  There were no decisions to make because every choice ended with YES.  New lawn equipment? Yes.  New cookware and a KitchenAide mixer?  Yes. A new chest freezer for the basement?  Yes.  A new netbook?  Why of course...

I'm still paying for last summer.

2010's decision palooza revolved around something simple:  my cell phone.  With my ATT contact up after two years, I needed to decide if I wanted the iPhone 4 and remain with the suck that is ATT or go Android with Sprint.   Obsession research started months ago.  It hasn't been pretty.

I love my iPhone.  I do.  It is my favorite GADGET of all time and despite their shitty network, ATT has not presented me with any particular problems.  Getting the iPhone 4 seemed like a no brainer.

Then I started looking into Android phones. For a geek like me, they are kind of the new hotness. I loved the bigger screens and all the extra power.  Some of the options I saw coming out with Froyo 2.2 just blew me away.  I became more and more intrigued the more I read and Sprint seemed like a really great option to explore....especially for the option to upgrade to a new phone every year instead of ATT's two year lock down. 

It was like getting next summer's obsession a whole year in advance!  What fun!

Since May I've been in research mode.  Google can be an obsessive compulsive's worst enemy.  So many articles; so many reviews.  I can honestly say that I've lost days...maybe even weeks...buried in tech blogs and websites trying to find that one perfect review to push me in one direction or the other. 

Over a phone...a stupid, fucking phone.

About three weeks back I finally jailbroke my old iphone 3g to see what all the fuss was about.  After playing with a few new apps, I fell in love with my old iPhone yet again.  It's amazing what a little dash of jailbreaking can do.  Still, I couldn't get Android's main application attraction...Google Navigation....out of my mind.  I really, Really, REALLY wanted their NAV service.  My need for Google Navigation clung to me like a tick you have to burn off a dog to kill.  

Yesterday I went and ordered the iPhone and today my mind is lost without the obsession to cling to...

I'm afraid to read any of my daily tech blogs because I just KNOW that Google is going to announce some amazing killer feature today that would have swayed me in their direction.  I'm absolutely sure some amazing new phone will be announced today that makes free cappuccino's and gives blow jobs that I wont be able to get for two whole years.  And thus reveals the true pain of obsession:

It's not the decision making process that is the most painful...it's living with the decision itself.

Did I mention all this angst was over a fucking phone? 

Thank God I never had kids.  Choosing a preschool or the right brand of baby formula would have put me into a coma.


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