Aug. 2nd, 2010

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Early yesterday evening when the blogspheres I call my second home began declaring that the new iPhone 4 jailbreak was a GO I swore I'd wait a few days for the bugs and little idiosyncracies to shake themselves out. 

My resolved lasted about 3 minutes after I walked in the door from Denim Hell at 2am. I'm agog at my willpower and restraint.

The techie sites were bursting with glee filled stories of jailbreak bliss and angsty, screaming, whiners threatening to sue people because they believed terrorists were responsible for bricking their phones.  One dude in particular just screamed for an iptrace to his home address for a good old fashioned hysterical bitch slap. 

Lucky for him I was pretty tired....and he was probably in Arizona or Alaska or something.  You get the point.

So I gave in to my inner geek and did my little act of jailbreaking.  Afterwards everything worked just as it always did.  I redownloaded my Rock and Cydia apps from my 3G jailbreak and they all work as remembered. 

MyFi:  3G wifi tethering app is a Go.
My3G:  A little app that tricks Facetime into using a 3G connection thus freeing me to go to any Lowes or Home Depot Garden Center and video chat questions to Evil Friend Jack is a Go.
BiteSMS:  Super duper messaging application is a Go.
SBsettings:  Too wonderful for words:  Go.

I love turning old toys into new ones.  It makes my inner thrifty geek tingle...and at my age that's something to brag about....


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