Aug. 26th, 2010

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Along the far back yard of Morning Glory Circle lives a big metal manhole cover that provides access to the sewer system for the neighborhood.  Over the last few years, I've grown accustomed to seeing the occasional city worker milling around my back yard looking for the access.  It's all part of the home ownership gambit, right?

A few weeks ago a large crew showed up outside the house and let me know that they were running cameras down the sewer looking for problems.  Once again, I had no problem with this.

Today the doorbell rang.  I looked outside to see a little old guy clutching a paper and looking nervous.  Apparently the electric company pole...also in the back yard...had damaged the sewer thingee and repairs are needed.  Big repairs.  Unfortunately, the only way to the back yard with any kind of equipment would be through my car port...which would never work.  And if they somehow navigated the car port, all of the power lines back there would be an would my concrete driveway.  This foreman was just doing a survey today and left shaking his head and muttering darkly to himself. 

This is never a good sign. 

I didnt ask him many questions as this kind of caught me flat footed.  About five minutes after he was gone I had this sudden urge to Lawyer-UP and now dozens of scenarios are burning through my head.

Best case scenario?  What if the only way to repair the lines back there is to take out the carport?  Even if this does happen, they'd have to remove fences, power lines, poles, and God knows what else.  Could I be in a position where the city has to buy my house to fix a neighborhood problem? 

I could totally live with that...


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