May. 17th, 2011

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Evil Friend Jack messaged me yesterday asking about a specific LJ post I'd written years ago titled "Nice."  (Crazy Christian meltdown in a sub shop story kind of deal....)  For a couple of years now EFJ has raved about a fabulous new friend named Jamille whom he met at Pensacola two years back and he wanted the link to the story so he could share it with her.  While Jack himself is of questionable moral fiber, I was quite sure from his glowing praise of Ms Jamille that she was, in fact, a fabulous individual so I complied. 

It took a little bit of searching...because I haven't read it in years myself...but I found the link and forwarded it on. 

Everyone wave hi to Jamille.  *  Hi Jamille!  *

I didn't realize I'd started this journal in 2004.  My God I'm becoming an old man.

LiveJournal used to mean something different to me when I first started blogging.  Amidst endless whining posts about carbs, dating, and dieting, I used to find that if I let my mind click just the right way I could occasionally turn out some material that didn't quite suck.  Some of it, in fact, I was almost proud of at the time.  Some of it I still am proud of to be quite honest. 

Here's a tip for everyone out there.  Don't start rereading your journal from 7 years ago unless you've got plenty of time on your hands. 

I skimmed through 4 years of Live Journal tonight.  Some of it was shockingly bad.  Some of it was melancholy as hell.  Some of it triggered memories of things long forgotten.  Some of it brought back a lot of joy.

And some of it...just a little bit...made me remember what it felt like to write openly and freely without any of the baggage or blocks that eventually wore me down.

I need to write more.  I HAVE to write more.  Writing used to bring me so much joy.  I don't know how I ever forgot that.  Even if it doesn't come as easily to me as it used to, I owe it to myself to make more of an effort. 

Anyway, while rereading LJ tonight, I came across some of my favorite older posts from many moons ago.  Some of you have been here with me all along and might remember them.  Some of you are newer.  With that in mind, I copied down a few links to some of the older stuff tonight both for myself and Evil Friend Jack...some stuff I'm not sure even he remembers.  Hell, some of it I didn't fully remember.

...and that's why I'm bringing a few links to it back here tonight.  The best part of these posts is that they all happened.  They don't record or document anything important.  They're just common, stupid events I happened to witness and view through my own twisted perspective.  I miss that perspective.  I want it back.  Maybe...just maybe...reminding myself of these stories will help me regain that lost sense of perspective once again.

Here are a couple of them if you're curious...  (Posted publicly for the first time in years....)

The Carbon Dating of Gwen Stefani


Feels Like the First Time

Threat Level Index Cheddar  Because [ profile] double_ohsteven  asked for it...


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