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Dec. 1st, 2010 01:10 pm
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Every now and then I like to mention my little redneck biker show Son's of Anarchy on FX.  It's raw, offensive, and occasionally outright brutal.  This last season was particularly dark and joyless so much so that there were times when I almost dreaded sitting through an episode.  Still I kept coming back not only for the incredible acting....I wish the could skip over the damn Emmys and just give Katy Segal an Oscar....but because this show can also surprise me like no other.  99% of every show I've ever watched is predictable to me. I can always see plot twists and character shockers coming a mile away.  Not so with Sons of Anarchy.

That being said, last night's season finale was probably the best hour and a half of television I've ever seen.  I have never seen a tv season finale so totally catch me off guard with plot twists and turns as I did last night.  And the best all made perfect sense.  Nothing was forced.  Nothing was snuck in at the last minute.  (Well one thing but it made sense given the character...)  Every single piece of the last season fell into place in a way I never would have guessed or saw coming. 

Seriously...this was the best season finale I've ever seen.  If they'd have ended the show last night I totally would have understood. 


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