Nov. 21st, 2010


Nov. 21st, 2010 11:52 pm
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Tonight begins a long week for me here in Denim Hell.  I know it's a holiday week for most people but I talked my way into covering a shift Thanksgiving night to help pay for a cruise I'm taking from Mobile, AL with Evil Friend Jack the week of Mardi Gras.  I told myself last year that I wouldnt do this again but here I go.  Maybe next year I'll have the "orphans" dinner at my house for all my friends who can't face their families one more time. 

And maybe next year I'll be thinner.  And maybe next year I'll be financially secure.  And maybe next year I'll be in love.  And maybe next year monkeys will fly out of my butt on demand. 

Le sigh.

My weekend was not all that noteworthy.  I caught up on my DVR shows.  I watched the first four episodes of "Spartacus:  Blood and Sand" from Netflix.  (Here's a spoiler.  It's really bad except for the occasional dangling penis scenes.)  I did NOT shoot my neighbor's damn dog who barked Saturday night non stop from 9pm to 3am without stopping for air even once. 

Note to self:  Get a gun.

One little unexpected thing did happen Friday afternoon though.  As most of you know, I used to be a gamer.  First City of Heroes...then Warcraft...  Since I bought the house two years ago, I completely fell off the gaming wagon.  I'd try occasionally to get interested again only to fail under the boredom.  I just couldnt get the old addiction engine running no matter what I tried.  Well this weekend I got a beta testing invite to the upcoming DC Universe Online game.  Basically, it's a superhero genre game like City of Heroes but based in the same fictional  universe as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, ect ect. ect.  You can't be those characters but  you can interact with them and mentor under them during the game. 

It's a geek thing.  Some of you wouldnt  understand.

I have to admit I was big geekin' when I created a character and immediately got contacted by Oracle to guide me out of a ship and then fight alongside Superman after he boom tubed in to smash some robots.  Similiar geek loving occured as I found the Watchtower teleporter and cruised around there for a while with other big name characters.  I think I'm going to like this one. 

Game play isnt bad.  The graphics are pretty impressive and so far the storylines are easy to follow.  Character creation isnt as involved as the ridiculous options available in City of Heroes but they're not bad.  And best of all?  The packages and asses on the male characters?  Dayum.  No Ken Doll city of hero syndrome here. 

Yeah my characters are sexy.  Sue me. 

Yeah.  This is my life.  Hypersexualized game characters and holiday overtime.  Go ahead.  Be jealous.


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